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About Me

Addison Beck is obsessed with the characters in her head and dreams of letting them free in her writing. She loves all things romance, spicy reads, her two cats, and sushi. Now all the craziness in her head is here for your enjoyment. 


When she has a day off, she can often be found glued to her computer with her ass firmly planted in her couch for eight plus hours a day. She loves all things horror—try to find a scary movie she hasn't seen—and her favorite time of year is Halloween. She can speak four different languages but can barely write in one after spending hours on her newest projects. She's a huge lover of music and is always looking for a new song recommendation. The only time you don't want to be around her is before she's had her morning cup of coffee (watch out). A self-proclaimed introvert, she'd rather spend all day at home with her cats than out interaction with the world, but she loves interaction with her readers. 


Have a question? Ask her anything and you'll get an honest (and long) reply.  

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